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Forged Steel Bellow Seal Gate Valves

A total containment solution is available with the installation of a Vogt Bellow Seal Gate Valve, constructed to positively eliminate any leak paths at the bonnet joint and packing.

The valve, with its bellows and seal-welded construction, totally confines the flow media within the valve pressure boundary. The valve packing is totally isolated by the bellows from the flowing medium and serves in a back-up role only.


• Fully rated class 800 and 1500

• Zero environmental leakage

• High-strength multi-ply bellows in 321SS and other materials

• Minimum pressure boundary welds

• Flexible graphite packing API622 certified

• Welded bonnet

• Outside screw and yoke

• Bolted gland

• API602, ASME B16.34


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