Y Pattern and Pressure Seal

Valves for the Power Industry

Vogt valves are used in the steam and power industry for over a century.
Our forged Y-Pattern globe and check valves offer is now extended to include as well 4500 class valves and a complete new range of body materials from US and Italian sources.

We now introduce in partnership with the OMB’s group the new range of Vogt Pressure Seal valves.
We offer a complete range of Pressure Seal Gate, Globe and Check valves from 1.1/2” to 24” in pressure classes 600 to 4500.
Our pressure seal design combines the latest developments in materials and welding/cladding processes with a long history of applications in the most severe services worldwide.

Reliable... The Vogt Valve Design Offers These Advantages

  • Proven design with a long history of application

  • Wide range of design to meet any industry requirements

  • Forged construction for higher reliability

  • In-house engineering, machining, assembly, welding and testingfor complete traceability and process control

  • New: USA and Italian forging sources only



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