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Henry Vogt 
Henry Vogt was born in Louisville, KY in 1856 to a family of poor German immigrants. In 1880, he opened a small machine shop on Main Street in Louisville. In 1885, a boiler shop and foundry were added to the small machine shop for the manufacture of new products to make “artificial” ice - the Absorption Refrigeration and Ice Making Machine.


The history of Vogt Valve traces the development of high quality valve manufacturing to meet the growing needs of the chemical, petrochemical, process and petroleum industries. In the late 1890s, Vogt Valve Company pioneered the early development of ammonia absorption refrigeration systems that made artificial ice. This business, plus Vogt’s emerging boiler segment, created an internal need for quality valves which initiated Vogt’s entry into valve manufacturing. Vogt’s early reputation for quality valves and the rapidly growing petroleum processing industry created an outside demand that would firmly establish Vogt in mass production of high quality forged steel valves.

For more than 100 years, Vogt’s leadership has been evident in the production of forged steel gate, globe, angle and check valves in most popular materials, trims and bonnet configurations. 


The OMB Group acquired Vogt in July 2017. In January 2018 manufacturing facilities were relocated to Stafford TX in a brand new plant of 100,000 sq.ft. and a second plant for specialty valves in Milan, Italy.

Today Vogt Valves supports a worldwide network of distributors and customers with access to the world’s largest capability for manufacturing of forged steel valves.

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OMB Valves group 
OMB Valves, headquartered in Cenate Sotto, Bergamo, Italy, is a diversified manufacturer of valves for the energy industries. 
Founded by Mr. Roberto Brevi in 1973, OMB is a family owned and operated group which has become a globally recognised valve manufacturer with operations in Europe, Asia, USA and Middle East, supported by a worldwide network of representative offices. 


Latest events

Gastech 2023

Gastech 2023

Vogt Valves will be exhibiting at Gastech 2023, Singapore 11-14

Valve World USA 2023

Valve World USA 2023

Vogt Valves will be exhibiting at Valve World USA 2023, Houston, USA June 7-8

Gastech 2022

Gastech 2022

Milan, September 5-8 2022


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