Bulletin Globe

Forged Steel Bellow Seal Globe Valves

Class 150, 300, 600, 800 and 1500

A total containment solution is available with the installation of a Vogt Bellow Seal Globe Valve, constructed to positively remove any leak paths at the bonnet joint and packing so common in many valve designs.

The Bellows subassembly, with its flange seal welded to the valve body, totally confines the flow of media within the valve body. The valve packing and bonnet gasket are totally isolated by the bellows from the flowing medium and serve in a back-up sealing role only.

• Zero environmental leakage

• High-strength seamless multi -ply bellows

• Minimum pressure boundary welds

• Flexible graphite packing

• Fully hard-faced seat

All Vogt Bellows globe valves are carefully subjected to shell, seat and bellows tests prior to shipment to provide long-term safety and savings through total containment.


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