Y-Pattern Globe and Check Valves

Class 800, 1690, 2680 and 4500

Reliable... The Vogt Seal Welded Bonnet Valve Design Offers These Advantages


1. The body/bonnet threaded connection is designed to support the full longitudinal stress induced by the operating pressure. A failure of the joint would not occur merely as the result of a seal weld failure.

2. The body/bonnet threads are a quality fit to ensure that the valve operating torques are “frictionally resisted” by the connection; therefore, operating stresses are not imposed on the seal welds.

3. The Vogt seal weld design is subject only to circumferential stress, which is induced by the operating pressure.

4. Many other bonnet weld designs are subject to combined stresses. The Vogt design uniquely minimizes the stresses on the seal weld.


Vogt Y-Pattern valves are available in the following materials


ASTM A182-F11

ASTM A182-F22

ASTM A182-F91


On request:

ASTM A182-F316/F316L (dual grade)

ASTM A182-F321/F321H (dual grade)

ASTM A182-F347/F347H (dual grade)


We source our forgings from qualified suppliers in USA and Italy



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