Pressure Seal

Vogt valves offers forged steel Pressure seal valves for the Oil & Gas, Power and Petrochemical services up to 30”. Forged Pressure Seal valves are preferred for severe services and have higher long-term reliability. Service to nominal pressure up to class 4500# and 550°C. Available configuration includes: Wedge gate, Parallel slide gate, T pattern Globe, Y pattern Globe, Swing Check, Tilting Check.

Main Features:

  • Forged Body Construction allows choice of body and trim materials for low and high temperature. One piece single forging up to 8”, two pieces forged and welded above 8”;
  • Overpressure: equalizer pipe, relief valve or drilled seat available to avoid body cavity overpressure;
  • Bypass and drain are available with on/off globe or gate valves;
  • On wedge configuration gear and actuators can be supplied with high temperature stem expansion compensator.

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P17 - Pressure Seal