Specialty Products

Vogt Valves inc offer a range of specialty product for the energy industry

Inline Union Poppet Check Valve

Inline Union Poppet Check Valve.
See our offer on Catalog U-17



Forged Steel Strainers

Vogt also offers a complete range of Y-Type Forged Steel Strainers from 800 to 2500 class.
We have intriduced a new range of Strainers in Alloy materials made from forgings and we are working to expand the product range to include large size Strainers.
See our expended offer on Catalog S-17







Valves with Special Requirements

Vogt is a source for meeting the requirements of the  Department of Defense contracts, Canada Registered Numbered (CRN), and for the Nuclear Safety Related Dedicated valves.
Please send your request to our sales team to receive all information on the above services.


Actuated Valves

Actuation for the Gate and Globe valves is available with Electric Motor multi-turn actuation, the linear Pneumatic actuation, and the extended manual actuation for remote locations.
See our offer on Catalog F-17
Actuated valves








Hydraulic Meter and Gauge Line Valves

Timeless Line of valves for the Hydraulic Meter and Gauge Line Service.
See our offer on Catalog F-17

Bonnetless Swing Check Valves

Vogt introduced the unique S74 Bonnetless Check valve to the market.
This line is available from stock and thru our distribution network.
See our offer on Catalog F-17




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